Online Appeal Is The New Curb Appeal

In today’s visual world, image is everything. We know this as photographers and visual story tellers, but it’s especially true in the real estate market. In a recent 2021 study by NAR, among ALL generations, the first step taken in the home search process was to look online for properties. This is where first impressions are going to take place, and it makes good sense to invest in that first impression.


Here are the top 10 quotable statistics to help you sell the benefits of professional real estate photography, virtual tours, and floor plans.

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Over 97% of home buyers search for properties online.

Buyers spend 60% of their time looking at photos when viewing properties online.

90% of buyers consider photos to be the most important feature of a listing.

Listings with professional photography receive 61% more views online.

Listings with professional photography sell up to 32% faster.

95% of buyers view the first photo of the home exterior the longest.

Among all generations of home buyers, the top 5 most useful features of a listing are (1) photos, (2) detailed property information, (3) floor plans, (4) agent contact information, and (5) virtual tours.

Listings with 3D tours sell up to 9% higher.

Listings with 3D tours sell up to 31% faster.

Floor plans are considered the second most important feature of a listing among prospective buyers and renters.

– According to studies by Rightmove and Zillow

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