We are excited to announce the next era of Show & Tour! In the video below, we explain what’s coming with Version 3.0.


Hey everyone, I’m extremely excited to announce the next era of Show& Tour, version 3 .0. Before I share some of the unique features of our new platform, I want to first discuss why we made some of these decisions and our vision for the future.

Our main goal, simply put, is to provide software that helps your business thrive. And a key part of thriving is the ability to adapt. Adapt to changing markets, increased competition, new technologies, and so on.

So the key theme you’ll notice with version 3 .0 is that we’ve created a system that is more flexible and adaptable than any other on the market. So you don’t feel locked in, trapped, or unable to make needed changes to your business.

Show& Tour has already been an incredible project delivery tool for now thousands of photographers around the world. We will continue to focus our efforts on what we do best, project delivery. And when I say project delivery, I mean three things: content delivery, invoicing, and licensing agreements.

When it comes to content delivery, our new system expands on what we have already built, but adds even more tools to help you deliver any service to any number of clients.

More specifically, we now allow you to create multiple delivery pages and websites within a single project. This change will facilitate delivering content to multiple parties, such as the Realtor, Builder, or Designer, as well as give endless ways to utilize the website builder, such as creating an MLS compliant virtual tour, maybe a custom portfolio to share with a potential licensee, or even a quick and simple review page to collaborate with your client before sending the final deliverables.

This feature is simple, but allows for incredible flexibility. Continuing in the spirit of giving your business all the options, we are now planning to launch more invoicing and accounting integrations.

In addition to Stripe, Square, and QuickBooks, we will be adding integrations with FreshBooks, PayPal, Wave, and Xero. On top of that, we are adding direct connections to Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

So when your editors share images to you with one of these platforms, you can simply pull them into Show and Tour for delivery. Or if you’re on the go and need to deliver a project, but don’t have the files on your device, you have the option to simply pull from your cloud storage provider.

Finally, we’ve come to one more set of integrations. We are now planning connections with Gmail and Outlook. So you can actually deliver projects directly from your main email system. This will be incredibly powerful to guarantee delivery and keep your inbox up to date.

If all of this isn’t enough, we have completely redesigned the Show and Tour dashboard. project editor and client profiles to further streamline your workflow, manage invoices and allow many more customization options.

So stay tuned we will be rolling out version 3 .0 beta in the coming days with the full version planned for the new year. I hope you are as excited as we are for this new era of show and tour as we seek to help your business thrive and adapt.

Thank you.