The BEST Way To Deliver Real Estate Photos To Clients, by Alex Serrao

This video discusses how to deliver real estate photography services to clients. Alex talks about his previous struggles with using Google Drive and how it was an inefficient process for delivering photos to clients. The long zipping and download times were frustrating for clients. This led Alex to find a better software solution called Show and Tour.

He provides an overview of the Show and Tour platform, walking through how to create client accounts, projects, and add photos, videos, virtual tours, and invoice links. He highlights the ability to put everything on one centralized page to make it easy for clients to view, share, and download deliverables. Alex also shows the pricing tiers, starting with a free plan. He emphasizes how Show and Tour has streamlined his delivery process and received great client feedback. The main takeaways are that streamlining deliverables improves the client experience and using a platform like Show and Tour can provide that simplified process.

Action Items:

  1. Sign up for a free Show and Tour account to test it out
  2. Migrate existing real estate photography projects into Show and Tour account
  3. Customize Show and Tour deliverable pages with branding elements
  4. Add Show and Tour invoice links to streamline client payment process
  5. Provide Show and Tour demo and overview to clients to highlight ease of use
  6. Monitor client feedback after delivering projects through Show and Tour
  7. Consider upgrading to higher Show and Tour plan as project volume increases
  8. Evaluate integrating Show and Tour payment system like Stripe for seamless client transactions

What is going on guys? My name is Alex. Welcome to the channel. We talk about real estate photography here and today is no different. But today we’re going to be talking about not how to shoot the photos, but how to deliver the photos or videos or virtual tour or pretty much anything that you do within the real estate photography niche.

How do we deliver those services? So if you’re like me, when I first started out, I was delivering everything through Google Drive, which became a process that was not the most enjoyable. Google for whatever reason has a very difficult time zipping files to download them.

It takes a long time and it is not the most fun process. So when you are sending photos to your clients that way and they are sitting there waiting 10, 15 minutes sometimes to zip all of these photos together to download, it becomes something that’s not really the most enjoyable process for your client.

And it might really be one thing, one minor thing, even if you have photos that are really incredible looking that turns them off to your company and makes them go to your competition. Because it really at the end of the day is all about how easy can you make it for them to use your service.

So when I had these problems going on, not just with the zipping, but it didn’t really look professional. It didn’t really go with my brand. I realized that I had to figure out a different way to send my photos and videos to everybody.

So that’s when I was on the hunt for a great software that would do this. And I ended up finding a company called Show and Tour. So I am not affiliated with Show and Tour at all yet anyway, but I wanted to show you guys the software because I use it daily and it has really done a great job for me.

At this point I’ve done dozens of projects on there and it is really such an incredible platform that you can put your photos, your videos, your virtual tours, everything onto one page and make it very simple for your clients to download.

I’ve gotten several compliments over the last few months about how easy it is to use, how easy it is to download the photos and the virtual tours and it has just really been a great asset to my business.

And I look back on delivering photos to Google Drive before and I am so glad that I found this company. So what I wanted to do today is make a brand new account on the Google Drive. show and tour and show you guys exactly how to get everything set up and how easy it is to deliver these photos to your clients.

For the starter package, it is completely free. I think it’s like a gigabyte amount that they allow like two gigabytes or something like that. But when you’re first starting out, it’s completely free.

So I figure I’ll just make this dummy account so I can walk through it with you guys and show you exactly how it works. All right guys, we are about to do a quick walkthrough of this software show and tour.

Before we do, if you could please hit the subscribe button. I would appreciate it. We are growing an awesome community here. I’m teaching you guys everything I know about real estate photography, videography, virtual tours, everything within that real estate photography niche so you guys can make over a hundred thousand dollars a year using your camera.

But let’s go ahead and get into it. I’m going to show you exactly how this software works. So this is a dashboard that you guys will see when you first open up show and tour. Mine is much more filled out with a lot of projects and a lot of clients, but again This is just a dummy account.

So it is playing great now. So let’s go ahead and click new client and we will put in about George Costanza is that how you spell it? Maybe I don’t know All right, we don’t need to put any of his information, but you can put phone number email website You can do some of his branding if they want to do the company name logo and etc But let’s go ahead and back out of that now you can see that we have George Costanza right here You can also change the view So I actually prefer this kind of icon view or grid view over the list view And then let’s go ahead and jump back over to projects and hit new project So we can type in any address right here.

We can type in I don’t know. I’m gonna just try to come up with an address have about 100 Main Street Perfect, let’s do let’s do this one right here and then you would pick your client George Costanza Create project.

So this is the page where you build out all of your deliverables You put things like your photos your videos your virtual tour everything on here. So let me show you how it works Let’s go ahead and add some photos into this project.

So to do that, we will just click on this little plus button We will scroll down hit gallery and we just upload the photos right there So I have an example house. I just took these photos the other day I thought they would be nice to throw in here for the example house So just open those up.

They will upload right here. You can see the upload bar, which has gone pretty quickly For these I have them saved out pretty small So they would go faster when I save them out as full resolution photos, which are like 20 megabytes or so each It does take a little while, but it’s still not too bad So when you have those photos uploaded you have the ability to click header and you can add one of those images to the top of the page So I like to do that every single time.

I like this image a lot So we will save that one for it and what’s great about showing tours you can also have your project payments in the link as well. So it doesn’t have to be a separate invoice sent.

It can all be on one page. So I always do that. I just hop over to here. You can connect QuickBooks, Stripe, or you can add in a different link to a different company. So I use Square. I think they’re actually going to add in Square as an integration later on, but currently they don’t.

If you use Stripe, that’s great. You can have it as an integration rate within here. So let’s just say this is a $300 project, and then you just put square .com slash whatever your invoice link is for this one.

We’ll just obviously put square .com and it will still save it. So let’s see what we have so far. Just save those changes. preview and then as you can see it loads up that nice header image right there.

It shows that you need to pay now. If we click this it’ll go to square .com and you can download the images. So scroll down, it shows you the gallery of images right there. After you add those photos let’s say you have something else maybe a video or a virtual tour.

I have a virtual tour from an old one that I did that I’m going to load into here so you would click on new section external media and then you just put in the link. So I just put in the link to it. It automatically detects that it is a Zillow tour.

You hit next and it shows right there you know created by me. This is the address that’s not the real address obviously it’s the one that we just made up but next done and then it will add it in right there and then if we hit publish changes and preview you will see that if we scroll down it is now right there and then you can click on it and scroll right through it.

It’s an iFrame so you’re able to just use it as is right there and then they have the ability to download or share or I’m sorry share or embed using that link right there. So the way I share these projects is I just click on the deliverable URL.

I send it in a custom email you know I always say like hey here’s the photos of 100 Main Street. I hope you love them let me know if you need anything else and put the link right there. You do also have the option there’s a button right here send project where you can send it to clients directly from show and tour.

You also have the ability to make property websites on here. I don’t personally do that. If somebody asks me to do it I will but for the most part I don’t really do property websites but I also wanted to show you guys the example page that they have on here so it’s 963 North 1950 Road.

I think that’s a real place I don’t really know but this is what a whole built -out deliverable website would be so as you can see pay now $996 and you can download which will automatically download the photos so you can go to the property website right here which is like another link so if we click view It’ll show you like this is what the property website would look like it has all the details of the realtor of the home a big gallery Etc.

It’s basically the same thing with just like some added info But hopping back over to this deliverable page you can see that if you scroll down you have the ability to download Multiple -size photos so full resolution web 2048 web 1024.

I always do full resolution and then web 2048 I don’t offer the smallest one And then you’re able to rename those as well so the web one I rename is MLS ready So they can download those is zips into a zip file makes it very easy for them to use Scroll down you can have a video built in right here So you can just start to play it.

And they have the ability to either embed it or share it or download it right there. And same thing with the download, you can choose the size that they’re able to download it. And then virtual tour.

So this is a Zillow tour, just like the one that I put on the last one. And you can literally scroll through right there, click on each section and walk through the house, go into the entry. And it’s just literally that simple.

It’s all on one page. And my favorite part really is that it just makes it so easy for them. They can pay right there. It really increases the likelihood that they pay right away. If you’re connecting Stripe, you can actually put a pay wall so they can like see all this stuff, but they can’t download it until they pay, which is great.

I don’t really have a problem with clients paying ever. So I honestly thought about switching over to Stripe just so that I would have the integration of these two platforms. But it’s really not that important to me.

All of my clients pay faithfully. So I just keep it with Square. I really like Square and how easy they are to use. So for me, it’s just they click on this pay now, they go to the square, they pay it and they download everything.

So that is really it for the deliverables and how Shown Tour works. I figure I’ll just show you guys the pricing of it. So right now I am using the plus $49 a month for 50 gigabytes. As I do a lot more projects, obviously, I’ll probably need to go up more later on.

I’ll probably just go to the unlimited $149 a month. But if you’re just starting out, it’s literally free. I used the free one for the first couple of projects that I did just to test it out, which is nice that you have that ability.

And then for $19 a month, you have a pretty good option as well. 10 gigabytes of storage, it says about 100 projects. I think it probably lasted me like 60 projects or so. But I put a lot of things in my projects, usually, you know, between video and high resolution photos, it does take up a good amount of space.

So right now I’m using the $49 a month one and it’s great. But again, I’m not affiliated with these guys. I just really like the software and I felt like it would be a great enhancement to your business if you’re still using Dropbox or Google Drive.

But that’s going to be it for me on this one, guys. Thank you so much for watching. If you got any value on this at all, please hit the subscribe button. I would appreciate it and I will catch you guys in the next one.